Thursday, March 05, 2009

Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

Do not let your adornment be merely outward--arranging the hair, wearing gold, or putting on fine apparel-- 1 Peter 3:3
I am posting an old photograph this morning. Fourteen years ago I had short hair, but my husband loves it long and so I have let it grow. The problem is in knowing what to do with long hair. I tie it back; that is the only thing I know how to do. Yesterday I thought it would be nice to have it trimmed up a bit; cut the layers back, and give it a fresh look. I have decided that even some experienced hairdressers truly do not know how to cut hair. I can't go back and complain to someone I have known since high school, even if we never were best friends. I will have to deal with the bad cut, and it is bad, and wait for my hair to grow. I have never been good at the "grin and bear it" thing, at least not when it comes to my hair. On the positive side, I have been losing some weight. Maybe I can deal with the hair better if I am not also dealing with a double chin...


  1. =(
    I'm sorry. I sure have been there and done that. :( Remember, you are your own worst critic, and 50% of the people you know probably won't even realize you HAD a haircut.
    Knowing you are "whining" is a good thing. We all indulge in it, but thankfully you are EXTREMELY GOOD at counting your blessing, too. So I don't think you have anything pathological going on here ;)
    The difference between a good haircut and a bad haircut is about 3-6 weeks. And I think it is cute to be honest.

  2. Oh for goodness sakes! Martha you know me better than that! You are not "whining"!
    Stop being so sensitive, you are starting to sound like Rachel! Now that was another joke. :D,
    You have beautiful hair, you get lots of compliments on it!!!
    I just was expressing my dismay about my thinning hairs and for another thing, yours is blond, it doesnt show gray like my brunette head does. And I whine because I am almost 62 years old, you are what? Pushing 44? I'll dive you twenty years to catch up to prime whine time. :D BTW, you have some special Grands! I checked out Bethany's site and Josh does look cute in 'sketty. Hugs.
    take another picture of your hairs without the laquer so we can see what you do look like, and I TOLD YOU, YOU LOOK LIKE YOU ARE LOOSING WT!!! :)

  3. Dang i got so excited about your slam i for got tonood to your little rabbit foo-foo. :D

  4. The good thing about hair is that it eventually grows back!

  5. Yes, hair that grows is a plus.

  6. I've had my share of bad cuts, and bad perms. I was born with totally straight hair...and have always loved curls.... so keep a perm going all the time.

    I wore long hair for a really long time, but after 50 started wearing it shorter.

    Really cute picture of you 14 years ago.

    When I had long hair...seemed like I always wore it up....


  7. I like you in the picture with the short hair! Maybe you should go shorter ;-) lol

  8. I have had my hair messed up way too many times to count, but now I stick to the same person. She didn't do a great job the last time, but it wasn't that bad, and she usually does great. Anyway, I do know a girl that can fix it nice, she fixed mine when I had the same thing done with my layers. Let me know if Rhonda gets in touch with you. Love you!