Thursday, March 12, 2009


It's been a tired kind of week. I'm not quite sure why unless it's the time change. I should be adjusted by now, but I still feel slightly thrown off. I've decided that my hair needs to be pinned back in order to look decent and I really should used the blow dryer if I am going to keep it tame. Today it is a bit on the wild side. I still think it needs to be "fixed" but I'm not sure who will do the fixing or when.

Both my little grandsons were here today. Pretty special! There are toys scattered around the house, hiding under the furniture, just like the "old days". Troy has gotten out the plastic sailboats in hopes of sailing them on Teal Lake but the wind is a bit too stiff for me this week. Maybe we'll go out sailing next week if we get a warm day.

I need to make a grocery store run again. I've pretty much run out of salad which I am getting slightly tired of. It's been two weeks and I have lost just five pounds. I think the bit of being gluten-free has made the bigger difference in my old jeans fitting. Maybe I can stick with being gluten-free this time. And, I'm not done eating salad either even if I did enjoy two gluten-free waffles this afternoon.


  1. What a cutie ~~~ I had an appointment at the Cancer Center today, and she dicussed nutrition and cancer.... and really emphasizes eating healthy before and after surgery. I'm been trying, but have been doing some stress eating the past two weeks.... I'm back on track now!!

    Good luck to both of us salad eaters.


  2. Try something new in the salad. Go for fruit instead of veggies. Chopped apples, sliced grapes, craisins,...try a cheese other than cheddar. Try some slivered roasted almonds. Add a grilled chicken, or salmon (Aldi's has a pretty good price on Salmon).

    Tossed salad does not have to be carrots, cucumbers, peppers and tomatoes.

  3. I have been mixing up the ingredients and even changing the dressing. Maybe I'll toss some fruit in and, believe it or not, I bought a can of salmon at Aldi last week. It's still in the cupboard.

    Wanda, I have always heard nutrition is top priority in fighting cancer. I'll be praying you keep on track with the healthy eating too. I understand the stress eating and have done way too much of that throughout my life.

    Thank you both for the encouragement. It is appreciated.

  4. I'm working on going gluten free too. Although it's hard with all the processed stuff out there I am finding it quite interesting. If I come across things I like I will let you know, it just might help you out. Love you...keep up the good work.

  5. Hi Annie! I've done the gluten-free thing on and off for the past few years. The nice thing is one of the local grocery stores marks their brands that are gluten-free. I like tapioca bread better than rice bread and love the waffles I find in the health food section. Does your mom eat gluten-free now?

  6. What are you going to eat at the Rheinblick?!
    When is your birthday? I got off Facebook for a while, it is just too distracting for me!!
    I will be looking for you when I come back.

  7. ooo - Priscilla's salad ideas sound yummy. And I congratulate you for 5 pounds in two weeks. That is a fantastic accomplishment.

    Hope the visit with the grandsons was peppy and uplifting! ☺

    [sorry the hair is still unsettling :( ] Watch, it's gonna grow into something fantastic. ;)

  8. What am I going to eat at the Rheinblick? Oh, whatever I want. I plan to cheat for my birthday. ;)

  9. Cute picture... Wonder who it could be?

  10. You've been nominated for a blog award! Come visit my blog to claim it

  11. What a handsome young man. All those kids are keeping you young!