Monday, March 30, 2009

Get Moving

James and I spent the weekend helping some friends move. It was a good exercise in flexibility and a good exercise in giving also. We were blessed with beautiful warm, dry weather which has now moved on out of the area. Today is gray, overcast and feeling slightly winter-like. I inhaled more than my fair share of dust over the weekend, because moving is just that kind of a job, and have consumed large amounts of decongestants and antihisitmines in a concerted effort to fend off sinus headaches. So far, in spite of feeling rather sluggish and achy, I am doing okay.

Moving others is always an encouragement to clean out my own "stash of trash" so I have been sorting through old papers and finding things to get rid of. The computer room is looking pretty good right now and I'm happy to report that all the dust bunnies have been chased out of the room. I've sent out an email of "used school books" and hope to trim the collection a bit more before trashing the remainder of the lot. Maybe one day I'll actually find the time to clean out my closet...


  1. Ooooo used school books emails are my favorite. ;) Hope you get lots of takers.

    I need to send out an email of used baby paraphenalia. :P

  2. I will always be thankful for those that helped us move.

    You are good friends....

    Love the flowers in your picture today.

  3. You chased your dust bunnies away!!Good for you!!Mine are in need of some chaseing.Last time I chased them out they just came back!!LOL

  4. Hope your sinuses are better today! I've found that a neti pot works great for my sinuses. It was recommended by a coworker who also has allergies.

  5. What in the world is a neti pot?

  6. It's a little pot you can find at CVS or Walgreens or something, and it comes with saline packets. You mix the saline with warm water in the little pot and then you put the spout into your nostril (it's a perfect fit!), and you pour. It thins out mucous and really seems to help to clear things.

  7. You and James spend a lot of time moving people! I remember coming to your house while you cleaned out clutter! You were good at letting go of objects I would be afraid to part with. That is why I have all this "stuff" just in case I ever need it sometime! I am going to de-clutter my home soon - it will be a first for me. We have little space here and it keeps getting smaller, so bye-bye everything! Everything that can possibly go. I hate the thought of it. And as soon as I throw away that bag of unmatched socks, I am going to find the matches!
    Love, Ann

  8. Martha,
    How old are your kids, now?
    My email is
    I thought they were all grown up. Am I mistaken?

  9. Where are you? It's not like you to go 3 days without blogging.