Sunday, March 08, 2009

A Soggy Weekend

Late yesterday morning Hannah and I headed out to Webster. Ben was gone to help James on a job and we were alone so we decided to do some shopping and stop to visit Grandma and Grandpa. Years ago I stopped at my parent's home often but now my visits are few and sporadic. I thought it was time we stopped by.

I had an interesting photo opportunity on the way to Mom's, a woman out walking four Dalmations, but I was too chicken to stop and ask if I could take her picture and not determined enough to sneak one. It did make me smile though and maybe one day I'll see her out walking again on a sunny day and feel more brave.
The snow has melted and the water was slowly seeping away. The backyard lake was just a few puddles scattered here and there. I thought the ducks and geese were out of luck if they had picked our backyard as a home, but I was wrong. The rain started falling yesterday afternoon, on into the night and this morning we are once again the not so proud owners of a small lake. As the draining process begins again, the ducks and geese are smiling.

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  1. All in God's time will the seasons change.
    Your mother looks happy to see you!!