Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Sweet Forgiveness

On Tuesday mornings I go to Ladies' Prayer and Bible study at church. Today's plan was to pick Bethany up in town and take her along while her car was in the shop, then return afterward to pick up Troy from preschool. There was also the possibility of a friend coming over for lunch after the study. My day's plans were thwarted when in my haste to get out the door I discovered that my car keys were not on the counter. I had the sinking feeling they were in my husband's coat pocket so I made a quick phone call which confirmed my suspicion. I felt the frustration creep in. I wanted to be angry but I knew that James had not purposely taken my keys. For some reason God saw fit to keep me home today and although I hate having my plans rearranged, it is much easier to just accept the fact and get over it. After talking with Bethany, who will be here soon for Troy's car seat, I think we have worked out how to accomplish today's necessary tasks. Maybe Josh will stay here to play while Beth's car in in the garage and Troy will arrive here with Bethany after school is out. I called the church secretary with my prayer request and also my dear husband to tell him I love him and it really is okay. Another test of forgiveness...

So anyway, yesterday we took a ride out to get some maple syrup. The little store was packed with a group on a field trip, so we looked at the animals (two goats, two sheep, a bunny rabbit, and several ducks and chickens), and then, because we were freezing, decided to walk down to the sugar shack where the sweet steam from boiling sap makes the air smell like pancakes. Mr. Everson welcomed us in, told us a little about the syrup making process, and showed us his barrels of maple syrup waiting to be bottled. The cold nights this March have made it a good year for collecting sap. We purchased a half gallon of syrup for ourselves and a small bottle for Troy's daddy (His birthday is tomorrow...), some maple cream for toast, and a package of maple sugar candy. Yummy! It was a bright sunny day, perfect for a ride through the countryside.


  1. I felt your frustration with the whole car key incident and having your plans rearranged. You're right, it never helps to stew over these things, so getting over it ASAP is a must. God indeed had other plans.
    The Maple syrup trip sounds neat. Maybe I'll have to come along some time!

  2. I want some maple stuff! I've never had it from anywhere other than a grocery store. mmmm, sounds so good!

  3. You come visit next March and I'll take you to Everson's.

  4. yesterday's post did much to encourage me... and was maybe preparing your heart for today.

    Hope you have something yummy on the menu to enjoy the syrup with!