Saturday, January 17, 2009

A Frozen Sodus Point

Jim is excited about 20°F! Now if only I had a ski hill...

Kristina is going to try to start the car- it is 18 degrees!

People in Minnesota are happy about the 20 degree weather. I'm sure it's headed this way. It should be here any minute now, we're up to 15 degrees! But then again, it is four o'clock, about time for the temperatures to start dropping for the night.

James and I took a ride down to Sodus Point. Lake Ontario doesn't freeze over here. Only the lake shore really freezes into anything solid, that and the bays. There were several ice fishermen out there with their little tents. We used to know one guy who drank milkshakes while he was ice fishing while everyone else drank coffee. Me, I think I'll leave the ice fishing to somebody else and I'll stay here by the fire.


  1. Oh, I have been ice fishing before. On Cayuga lake. Freezing doesn't describe it. Just today Paul and I saw some brave (or stupid) ice-fishers on a local me, torture. A few years ago we drove up to Sodus Bay in the winter time. The kids got out and walked out on the pier a little bit with Daddy, but I stayed in the van with the little ones, and the heat on.....

  2. Ouch, cold on your hands? Ouch!!

  3. Those ice fishers sure look cold. But then it also has an aura of excitement about it, doesn't it?

  4. Brrrr. I never made it down to Cdga lake to see if anyone was ice fishing. It wouldn't surprise me.

    Back to work!

  5. I can't even imagine in my wildest imagination living in the snow like you do.
    Born and raised in CA I'm just plain spoiled. I think snow is so beautiful....but I think I would be freezing....... burrrr is right.

    BTW You are right, my fake flowers are Wisteria I'm sure.... I just loved the lilac color and I needed a fresh look outside.

    Love and Hugs

  6. Yea! You made it to the lake. And it is very cold, I didn't venture out at all. I talked to a guy at the end of the pier when we went and he said the lake had not frozen over completely since 1982 (I think!). He said it has to be very cold and very still, which makes sense, but I had never thought about what conditions were needed to freeze the lake over.