Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Do Something, Fast!

The holidays are over and it's time to stop eating garbage. Bethany called on Saturday afternoon to ask me about the "Daniel Fast" and what we are allowed to eat. It's really more about changing dietary habits and allowing our bodies a chance to throw off so many of the toxins we've built up over time than not eating. If we coose to participate in the fast we can still eat but we are cutting certain things out of our diets. I told her that we are eating fresh fruits and vegetables, nuts, and whole grains. "No milk?" she asked.

"It's really your choice," I said, "but there are reasons for cutting milk out of the diet too."

"Oh," she replied, "So, it's kind of like becoming a vegan for a few weeks."

I guess that's it, becoming a vegan for a few weeks,.. but really it's more about excercising the practice of self-control. Not eating those foods that so entice me and learning to say no to my mouth and stomach will help strengthen my resolve when it comes to saying no in other areas of my life. Isn't it kind of funny that food is what got the human race into trouble in the Garden of Eden and we still have such a hard time resisting today? And, of course, fasting wouldn't be fasting if there wasn't a time to seek God in prayer and reading His word. As we fast we look to Him to provide direction, encouragement, and salvation. He is in the business of answering prayers.

So, I did have a whopping headache last night, for anyone who may be curious, but I'm feeling better today. I'm still drinking tea (no sugar), feasting on fruit, crunching carrot and celery sticks, and popping walnuts and almonds here and there. I'm feeling okay and even made a very nice vegetable soup last night with no beef or chicken stock. Two days down 19 more to go!


  1. herbal tea as others have caffeine.
    good for you! be sure to drink plenty of water though, it helps flush out the toxins and cleanses you skin too! :)
    no wonder you arn't looking to closely at my glovzoff blog. you can follow the other one though, I don't have any food stuffs there. :)

  2. So you did get that headache you were anticipating, huh. I'm glad you're feeling better. I should be doing that fast too!

  3. Yes, Rachel, I did get the headache I was anticipating. It will likely come and go for a while.

  4. Good for you.... The cranwater that I drink every day is a flusher too. 1 Cup unsweetened undiluted Cranberry juice with 64 oz of water.... Drink that daily and it's been really good for me.

    I like the Daniel Diet....very healthy...but do drink lots of fluid.

    The headache should be gone in a couple more days.


  5. Thank you, Wanda. Maybe when I go back to the store I'll look for the cranberry juice too.