Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Happy Birthday, Kimberley!

Many years have passed since this photograph was taken. The little boy in your arms turned into my nephew when I married your brother and you became my sister in law. Since that time Jason has grown up and now has little boys of his own. We've added several children to our own collections and many of them are grown up too, but we haven't changed a bit... Where have the years gone?

I have often wished we didn't live so far apart. What fun we could have had homeschooling our passels of children, but God did not see fit to have that happen. Instead He has given us a sprinkling of times together; Indiana 1988, Albuquerque 1992, Boulder 2002, and Albuquerque 2006. I am so looking forward to the next reunion!

Thank you for your friendship and encouragement through the years.



  1. I remember this picture being taken. I may have even been the one taking it, who knows. I don't remember.

    Happy Birthday, Kim!

  2. cool. Happy B-day! (Mine is comeing up too!

  3. I remember when Kim and Jason came for a visit. Hard to believe that little boy has some of his own now.

  4. Haven't changed a bit? Well, I did used to have those exact brown corderoy overalls, and the time spent on those nice hairstyles....I had one like Kim's. Time just flies....Happy Birthday, Kim!