Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The Salt Mine

One weekend in July of 1975 a 25 year old ex-marine attended a gospel meeting in an old barn in rural western NY. The speaker that evening shared a salvation message and the young man went away touched by the Lord. He couldn't shake the conviction deep in his heart and the following Monday at work he surrendered his life to Jesus.

As the years passed and the Holy Spirit worked in the man's heart, he grew. In 1977 he and his wife opened their home to a Bible study led by a man named Bil. This group grew to become a small church fellowship and later was forced to move from their small meeting place due to large numbers. By the mid-90's the young man was given responsibility for the pastorate at a small church upstate NY.

Although the "The Salt Mine" and its founders appear to be gone, its memory and ministry are still affecting lives not far from where it once operated. Occasionally the Pastor will mention how God used a little place called "The Salt Mine" to touch his heart and lead him to the cross. There, surrounded by people who maybe never knew, are a few of us who remember an old barn on the end of State Rd and the family who ministered there.
(The founder's, by the way, are not gone although the ministry closed it's doors years ago. It was a labor of love that is still producing results today.)


  1. wonderful and moving tale. Thanks for sharing it.

  2. You plant a seed and you never no how big it will grow.

  3. I only wish the faded out sign was still above the door but it was gone.

  4. Thanks for sharing! Cool story.
    I must have driven by that at some point in my life!