Friday, March 03, 2017


It's brutal out there.

On Wednesday I left my jacket in the car when I went into work. I wore short sleeves and was very comfortable. The wind kicked up on Wednesday evening, all through the night, and straight through to morning. The temperature dropped 40 degrees. It got cold. Last night the wind kicked up some more making the already cold out of doors brutally cold. The internet tells me it's 19 degrees with a windchill that makes it feel like 4. The chickens did not cross the road today. I'm pretty sure they stayed down under the barn as much out of the wind as possible.

I went to visit my youngest daughter and her wee one today. The baby was sleeping when I arrived but woke up not too much later. At one point she handed him to me. I said hello and smiled. He looked into my my eyes, made the saddest face ever, and burst into tears. I think Hannah was embarrassed, but I only laughed. I think he's getting attached to his momma, and that is a very good thing. Besides, he was so cute with that pouty little lip.

Nassa, the puppy, is learning tricks. The Cabinet Maker is working hard to train her and keep her busy. She already knows sit, lay down, beg, stay, come (sometimes), and crawl, and is working on dance and roll over. She's been good about staying in her crate when we're busy and going potty outside. (She goes potty outside, not us.) You can see the thought process in her expression and she appears to enjoy learning new things. She's an interesting little creature.


  1. Both those babies are oh, so cute!

  2. Oh your new little one. I'm sure Hannah is a wonderful little mom.

    The dog is so cute. Tristan just got a dog a few days after I left. He was a rescue dog. A boy needs a dog.