Saturday, March 11, 2017

Slides. Old Slides

I've had my two days off and am back to work today. There are still sporadic power outages and it was colder than cold yesterday and last night. Thankfully, we don't have a foot or two of snow on top of everything else.

I spent some time playing with old slides this past week. Projecting them onto a flat surface and taking a photo with my camera. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. Most of the slides have some kind of label but there are others with nothing but a date to go by. I found this cute couple among the unlabeled. So young, vibrant, and happy! I can't recall the date on the slide, but I took a guess at who it might be and put it on Facebook for a "friend"/relative with a little note. "K-----, is this your grandparents?" I don't think I've ever met the granddaughter, but she sent back, "oh my goodness!! where did you find this?!" The grandmother is well into her eighties by now, one of my dad's older cousins.

And I found this too. A picture of my own grandma, all dressed up, for a special occasion of some kind. I thought, when I copied it, that she was dressed up for my parents' wedding, but they were married at the end of July and I don't think the outfit or the flowers match that time frame. Maybe they were celebrating Mother's Day and Grandma's May birthday... ? Anyway, I think she's beautiful. I sure do miss her.


  1.'s great to have power and heat!

  2. Last week your state had snow, and ours had fires and the craziest wind I can remember for quite a long time. But Spring is here now, so maybe we can all get straightened out!

    Your grandmother is beautiful. And what a great idea to take photos of the projected slides!