Tuesday, March 14, 2017

The Wildness of the Weather

Last week it was wind, this week it's snow. I found a flock of linemen parked by Target yesterday. They were just coming back from grabbing a bite to eat across the street when I pulled up. They really are unsung heroes.

I was given the choice of whether or not to go into work today. Seeing as the weather conditions are forecast to deteriorate, and seeing as it's already a 40 minute drive, across the Irondequoit Bay bridge both ways, and seeing as my friend will be warm, hopefully well fed, and well taken care of with or without me, I decided to stay home where I will be safe, warm, well fed, and taken care of. No one will have to rescue me from a snowbank or a car accident, and I won't be sleeping in a nursing home recliner overnight.

It looks as if we lost a bit of roof in last week's windstorm. The old migrant shack (yes, seasonal workers actually once lived there) isn't our favorite outbuilding, but in spite of its appearance, it's still functioning. It's a great winter shelter for Ben's old Ford truck, a storage area for milled lumber, and it's holding that old silver maple up in windstorms, ice storms, and blizzards.

My youngest son took off for Minneapolis last Thursday morning and almost got stranded in Detroit until tomorrow morning. He had a great weekend with his oldest brother and family and is making the most of his homeward bound adventures.