Sunday, March 26, 2017

Little Bits

The weekend is winding down. I've worked the last three and am looking forward to not working the next one. I get one off and then I get to work the next three again. By the time I'm done working all those weekends I'll probably need three off... ha ha! I still think about doing something else, but so far that is as far as it's gone.

Coffee. I lost track of my caffeine intake this past week and woke up on Friday morning feeling like I'd been hit on the head with a brick. I wanted to pull the covers back up over my head but I know better than that. Instead I hauled myself out of bed and down the stairs to the kitchen. I swallowed half an Excedrin, drank a cup of coffee, and hoped for the best. When my sweet Hannah wondered if I'd like to go grocery shopping with her, I took her up on the offer. Fresh, cool air and a bot of distraction are good for headaches. By later afternoon it was but a memory.

Friday was my grandpa's birthday. It's hard to believe he'd be 113 years old by now. Time is a crazy thing. Grandpa was 95 when he left us and he's been gone nearly 18 years. It was easy to fool ourselves into thinking he'd always be here, but we all knew it wasn't really possible, just wishful thinking.


  1. It's hard to believe he died 18 years ago already. Time sure flies. Runs right through our fingers like water. That's what Ann Voscamp says.

  2. Just a couple weeks after Alicia was born.

    1. Yeah... Grandma passed just weeks after Nathan's arrival. He'll be 27 this year. It doesn't seem possible that they have been gone so long already.