Tuesday, August 02, 2016

Random Acts of Kindness

A couple weeks ago I went into the local grocery store with The Trio of grandchildren. We were in search of Essential Everyday Penguin Crackers because Uncle Jim designed the penguin. Well, the original drawing was his... We also bought a stack of Essential Everyday Designer Cups, because well, Uncle Jim was the designer. As we stood at the register, a complete stranger, who we'd seen on our way in, handed me a bag. Inside was a giant chocolate bar. The cashier smiled and said he does that often. She has been the recipient before too.

I have been noticing little opportunities to spread smiles and kindness. This morning it came totally unexpectedly and suddenly. I neglected to go to Ladies' Prayer. I'd been out all day yesterday. I had an am. appointment, gave my son a ride to the bank, took an afternoon walk with my sister, and had an evening meeting as well. During my evening meeting I lent Ben my van so he could finish up his car buying deal. (It's really a truck.) So yeah, since I work all day today, I wasn't in a big hurry to run out again early this morning. I washed and dried some laundry and loaded up the dishwasher as well.

I was on my way to Hannah's house at about 10:15 am for a short visit, a mini loaf of banana bread in tow, when I drove through the construction going on in the Webster four corners. Just past the center of town, less than a mile from my daughter's house, a woman along the side of the road waved her hands at me. For some unexplained reason I pulled over. A look of utter relief flooded the woman's face. "Can you take me to the church on the corner?" she asked, "My car broke down and I was on my way to my Uncle's funeral. I've called everyone at the funeral and no one is answering their phone." She was wearing a dress and sandals. It was less than a mile to the church. A two or three minute drive, but a 15 minute walk in good shoes. I was more than happy to help. "I've never hitch-hiked before," she confessed.

I smiled back at her. "Well," I said, "I don't usually pick up hitch-hikers either." It worked out perfectly. We both ended up smiling. Me and Jane.

And when I handed her the banana bread, Hannah was smiling too.


  1. What a nice feeling, to bless someone like that. Glad you could help her.

    Those naughties look so cute sprawled out on that loveseat. :)

    1. It was totally random. When she got out of the van I wanted to say, "See you later," but knew I probably wouldn't.

      Those Naughties are really quite nice sometimes.

  2. Replies
    1. Yeah, I guess I do have my busy days.