Thursday, August 11, 2016

Childhood Friends...

Things get lost on Facebook and don't turn up again for at least another year, so I'm saving this conversation with my childhood friends where it is a little easier to find.

I scrolled down through my friends today and found the one who, outside of family and relatives, has been a part of my life for the longest. Beth, you were one of my very first friends. From you pulling the tassel on my fuzzy winter hat (my mom's story) to sharing the nursery in the old Webster Grange Hall, from playing hide and seek in the weeds next to your house to putting all of your toys down the laundry chute, going to kindergarten together and writing letters after you moved to Massachusetts. First friends always hold a special place in our hearts and that is why I have a daughter named Beth. 
Alibaba Johnson, you are next. From riding tricycles to making mud pies and picking flowers for your mummy, four square and hide and go seek, from kindergarten to high school. I still miss the way you always made me laugh and you will always be loved.

Beth  Oh, I do remember! And I am honored that you do as well!
Martha  Oh yeah, and the Fisher Price people too.
Beth  I still keep Panhead on my desk at school.  My fifth graders have heard all the stories!

Alibaba- Hey Martha,

Martha Teal Hey. 

Alibaba- Lol...okay, let me try this again. I hit return and it sent the message which clearly shows how Facebook friendly I am! I actually almost never go on here but for some reason I did today and your post made me laugh. Yes we made the very best mud pies in all of the land, for sure. I wanted to thank you ( a little late) for always letting me switch tricycles with you even tho you knew yours was much better...very sweet. You are in my fondest memories growing up . I used to love how your Mum would flag us over on the stormy mornings to wait for the bus. The smell and warmth of the wood stove combined with fresh baked chocolate chip cookies and homemade hot chocolate was the best start to any day...I miss that potato chip tin filled with cookies almost as much as I miss sprinting to the bus with trying not to crush the extra one your Mum let get away with the one she let me I could go on and on about our adventures , of which there are too many to mention. I hope you are doing great and still smiling. My best to You, Chip ( ok Jim...never could get used to that) and the rest of the family!

Martha-  Yes, the tricycles.  I never minded sharing. And apple pies. Don't forget the apple pies, the snowball fights, and King of the Mountain. Maybe one day I'll show up with a batch of those chocolate chip cookies. You never know, it could happen.

Alibaba- Oh no way, I don't forget the apple or the pumpkin pies but thanks to You and your Mother, I'm now a chocoholic . I've gone through literally a hundred recipes trying to recreate those How could I ever forget the snowball fights, the forts, sledding down your driveway, hide n go seek with you and guys had the coolest house ever....I think that's why I love log cabins and gardening. Oh and let's not forget Bible school in your backyard....such good times. To this day I've never found a four leaf clover and recently it dawned on me that being as your Dad had such the green thumb, I think he gave you some four leaf clover seeds and you pretended to find the ones you planted!! Eureka!! That's it!! Hope to see you next visit. Have an awesome sunny day!

Martha-l Cookies always turned out better in Mom's kitchen. Musta been some kind of magic there. I'm working on it in my own. When I get it right I'll bring you a batch.

The photograph is our kindergarten class. We're all in it, Beth, Alibaba, and me. I'm the white haired girl in the front row with an anchor on my dress, Beth is the blond behind me and to my right, and Alibaba, my mud pie making friend, is second in the top row. Oh, the memories!


  1. I would have to say that my oldest friend on FB is Alibaba's sister. His pseudonym makes me laugh.

    1. Yes. I'd say you and Lisa go back at least as far as Beth and I. That Alibaba is surprisingly secretive, and still amusing.

  2. My oldest friend still lives in the town we grew up in and I see her occasionally. WE are friends on FB but we have known each other far longer than FB has been around.

    1. I don't see these friends anymore, Carol. At least very seldom, so I am grateful for a way to connect with them.