Wednesday, August 03, 2016

Cat in the Hen House

It's still early in the day, if one counts 9 am as early... Not much has transpired today, and although I took my computer with me to work yesterday, I don't plan on doing the same today. It's too heavy to lug around. I guess I'll squint at my Nook this afternoon instead.

My chickens are looking pretty, but as of yesterday I've not yet found any eggs. They are 20 weeks old and should have started laying by now. I've got half a mind to leave them in the coop today and see what happens. In fact I think I will.

A part of me is wishing for my dad and his "expert" chicken advice, and another part is trying to remember his chicken stories. When did they use those glass eggs? When the chicken hid their eggs in the hay loft? Dad used to laugh and tell how they would take the eggs and leave a fake one in their place. "Chickens are too dumb to count," he'd say. "You could take three eggs and leave one and they wouldn't know the difference." Of course you have to find their eggs first...

 My cats follow me down to feed and water the chickens. Now that the chickens are big enough to fend for themselves, I don't worry about the cats hurting them. I worry more about the chickens hurting the cats, at least Naughty One. He's the braver of the two cats and the more curious.

He's also being treated for an eye infection. Ever tried to put drops in a cat's eye? Oh yeah, that's fun!