Wednesday, August 10, 2016


Yesterday I went to work. When I arrived, G was at the hairdresser. She had a quiet, sleepy morning and ate a small lunch. I talked briefly with another companion at our table. We left the dining room for G's room at about 1 o'clock. I put some music on the CD player. At ten minutes til two G was taken to the toilet and put into bed for a rest. While she rested I ate my lunch, did a little reading, checked my Facebook, took a quiz, made some online jigsaw puzzles, and sent some messages to my daughter. At 4:45 pm the aides came, took G to the bathroom, and put her in the wheelchair. We went to supper. I fed G her BBQ chicken, vegetables, and dessert. She drank her juice and tea. She asked to "go lay down." I told her it wasn't time to lay down. She said "Will you help me?" several times.

At 6 pm we left the dining room and parked ourselves in the common area. The residents were antsy, the staff shorthanded. G was wide awake. M, who is blind, stood up in an attempt to leave. I went to take her hand and ask her where she was going. "I want to go back to my room and I want to go see Jesus," she replied. She sat back down and I returned to my seat. Several other residents attempted to get up. All of them are fall hazards. I relocated G and myself to the far end of the living room so I could sit by M and hold her hand. Soon S attempted to get up. Then Sandy Man scootched himself forward. D stood up next, and B made an attempt to wiggle out of her chair as well. I was the extra pair of eyes but all I could do was bring attention to the situation. Soon M was taken off to her room and readied for bed. Sandy Man and B were pulled back in their seats, and I sat between G and N, who was looking rather forlorn.

Eventually it was time to go home. I notified the nurse of my departure, was thanked for being there and told to please come back. I am welcome any time. Earlier in the day I'd had an aide I do not know tell me how she loved my smile. Little bits of encouragement in a job I both love and hate. Love the people, hate that I'm totally hands off aside from feeding.

The fuschias belong to my sister Rachel. Beautiful, aren't they?

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