Monday, February 29, 2016

Leap Year Happenings

I've given up Mondays at the facility. Now it's time to start working on an alternative plan. Several possibilities are rolling around in this tiny brain of mine. A vegetable garden, honey bees, chickens... baker of cookies, maker of pies, painter of pictures... Time will help me make the decision.

Since I didn't need to be at work this afternoon, I went to visit my daughters and smile at my grandchildren. Hannah was over at Beth's coloring pictures with Jakie. We decided to have tea, and a little later bit of lunch. Beth served homemade soup and grilled cheese stick sandwiches. After we'd eaten I unloaded and reloaded the dishwasher, and helped Hannah fold what was left of Beth's clean laundry before heading for home.

It was strange to look at the clock in my van and realize how early in the afternoon it was. Not quite 2 o'cock. I took the long way home.
First I drove down to the Irondequoit Bay outlet for a few photos and then all the way down Lake Rd to Pultneyville, stopping here and there to stick my camera out the window if something caught my fancy. A cold wind blowing off the lake kept me from venturing too far out onto the Irondequoit pier, parking and walking down to the shore, or keeping the van window open for long.

A man and his dog walked farther down the pier than I cared to. He assured me it was bitterly cold at the water's edge. I took his word for it  and rather than tie my hood on my head, pull on my mittens, and be brave, I decided to shoot from a distance and head back to the safety of my van.

Tomorrow, unless I hear something different, I'll be spending the day with my friend G at the facility.


  1. Look at that child♥️
    I'm glad you enjoyed your day...
    I had my brother and SIL for s beach cottage lunch...
    Had not seen them....for a v.e r.y long time...
    Enjoy your evening....
    Did you say goodbye to February?
    You not on FB anymore?
    Linda :o)

    1. I am still on Facebook. Some days more than others. Life has been a tad stressful lately.

  2. the long way home is the best way home

    1. As long as one is permitted to stop and dawdle along the way.

    2. I am a master at dawdling

  3. I'm sure you will think of something really good to fill your Monday's. Baking is always fun..........What a beautiful baby girl :-) with your baby girl :-) What a lovely way to spend your day.

    Marilyn from Canada