Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Snowstorm 2016

Winter caught up with us this week. If the subzero wind chills over the weekend weren't enough, we got walloped with 2 feet of snow today. My boss sent a text to let me know it was okay if I preferred not to drive today. The wise choice seemed to be staying put, so I did. It turned out to be one of my wiser decisions.

My fur and feather friends outside were hungry so I ventured out into the deep to bring them some seeds and nuts.  Then, being a tad on the nutty side myself, I took  my own portrait in the mirror inside Hannah's Place.

The snow came down like powdered sugar from a sifter early this morning. Too cold to make snowballs but fluffy and deep. Then the precipitation turned to rain for a short while before making the switch to a heavy wet snow. Traffic on the Irondequoit Bay bridge was at a standstill around 9:30am. No going forward, no going around, and no backtracking either. No way it would have been passable by the time I'd have needed to get through.(Borrowed the photo from a FB friend who was there.)

It's stormed all day in the way of snowfall. It's a mess out there with a ton of accidents, cancellations, and delays but we can be thankful that the bitter temperatures and wind chills didn't coincide with the snow.

I took the opportunity to catch my bird friends on camera when they stopped for a late afternoon breakfast or early lunch. My poor red bellied woodpecker was having a bad hair day. ha ha!My have gotten caught out in the rain.

Mrs. Cardinal was looking splendid and sat so nice for a photograph. Her mate was there too, guarding the food supply, as if there wasn't enough to share. The blue jays were out today along with juncos, a titmouse, a gray squirrel, and even Little Red. I'm having a tough time keeping bells on The Naughties so I hope my bird friends are watching each other's back as well as their own.

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  1. You look cold! Brrrrr...
    Love the woodpecker...
    Stay safe!
    Linda :o)