Friday, February 12, 2016

Tea for Two, Twice

Winter has finally arrived. No school for kids in town yesterday. Blowing snow and subzero wind chills kept most folks home. I was thankful not to be scheduled to work.

Today, while we have a break in the cold (it was all the way up to 25 degrees F today), I opted to drive to Webster and pick up my laptop again. I stayed to visit Rachel and we each had a cup of tea. From Rachel's house I headed to Wegmans and on the way in caught up with my beautiful youngest daughter. We not only went into the store at the same time, but I also followed her out. She invited me over to visit and I had my second tea party of the day. (Double the love.)

Old Man Winter is set to blow in some icy cold air this evening. I think I just might do a bit of baking tomorrow. Can't go wrong warming the house with the smell of cookies baking.


  1. stay warm...I'm glad to be missing the fun

  2. What are you going to bake?
    Linda :o)

    1. I haven't made a final decision yet. I already have cutout heart cookies in the basement freezer, so maybe a cake or some muffins.

    2. Whatever it is...will be delicious...
      Have a warm day...I hear you guys are freezing up there!

    3. Yes. It's a bit on the arctic side of things this morning.

  3. Maybe I'll bake some heart cutouts of my own! Sounds like a grand idea! :)

  4. Replies
    1. Yes. From Wayne to Wolcott all the schools were closed.