Friday, February 06, 2009

The Land of Ice and Snow

I gave in; I took Hannah and Troy out for a ride along the lake. We stopped at Webster Park again but went as far as the Port of Rochester before turning around and heading back for home.
It was quiet and lonely at the park with lots of rabbit tracks in the snow, but no people.
We walked out on the pier which is covered with ice and feels rather treacherous. I found my snow boots to be as slippery on the ice as my sneakers. The light at the end of the pier was dressed for winter.
Although we drove through Durand Eastman Park and as far as the Genesee River, we did not stop or get out of the van along the way. Instead, we turned back toward home and stopped by Irondiquoit Bay to feed the seagulls. As soon as they realized we had bread, we were surrounded.

The bread was gone all too soon and it was time to find some lunch. (Sherri, we need to make some plans.)


  1. Very pretty pictures.
    Me, I keep looking at photos from the summer to try and remember what it was like to be hot!

  2. Good job! Glad you gave in and got out. :0)
    now I am tired, I want a hot bowl of soup, a chunk of grainy bread slathered with butter and a warm fire to curl up next to. Sigh, okay I can do all that here but it sounds like more fun to do it at your house, maybe because you have real winters. :)

  3. I'm smiling and trying not to be prideful that I have you hooked! I loved all of your pictures, I don't know why but I can't get enough of the lake in the winter. There is one person who isn't hooked, and that is Caleb. He groaned when I told him we were taking the whole family to the lake tomorrow as long as it's not raining. Then I promptly explained that we have a dictatorship in our family and not a democracy (he doesn't know the difference and I'm not convinced that's proper parenting anyway:)). Yes, let's make plans! What's a good time when you have Troy? Caleb might be more willing then.

  4. "The light was dressed for winter"...I like that!

  5. Sherri, Mondays and Fridays are my best days for Troy. He goes to morning preschool the other days. Have you been to Mendon Ponds? The bird there eat right out of your hand. Maybe Caleb would think that was fun.