Monday, February 02, 2009

Meet Me at the Lake

James and I went out for a drive this afternoon. The sun was shining and the lake looked so blue that we decided to drive along Lake Rd toward Webster. It was a gorgeous day to check out the snow and ice down at the beach; warm enough to be comfortable and cold enough to not be soggy.

On our way down Lake Road, I thought of my friend Sherri who has been loving the lake shore this winter. I was snapping a photo when I heard a familiar voice call out. It was Sherri and her son Caleb out to see the snow and ice too. What a fun meeting!

I found the gulls out on the ice interesting. They were quite content to sit or sleep on the balls of ice and snow on the water's edge. They were too far out for me to get a good close up. I must remember to save those old bread crusts so we can feed them if I should decide to go back to the lake.


  1. This was a very nice day. Glad you got to enjoy it. I should have taken Sherman out, poor dog.

  2. Sounds like fun! I stayed home all day and Facebooked and Homeworked.

  3. It was a nice meeting... And we were glad to see your faces. I love your mittens! They look really warm. Too bad you didn't have them earlier on Monday, but it was so nice I don't think you needed them.