Thursday, February 19, 2009

A Cousin Convention

I have had a different kind of week and enjoyed it very much. Although there is no school and Troy has not been here, my house has been full of children since Tuesday. I had both my grandsons here today and Sara and Alysa. Little Lucas is cousin to each of the others and though Sara and Alysa aren't actually Josh's cousins, they like to refer to him that way. He's like family to them and they are like family to us.
The girls are very kind to the little ones and love to take a turn holding the baby. Today they shared some time giving him his bottle.
I can't say my house has been spotless, there have been "jewels" scattered across each room most every day, but I have to smile when I recall the years not so long ago when my house was decorated with toys every day. I thought my kids might never grow up; now I know how fast it actually happens. I don't want to miss one day enjoying these little people.


  1. I know what you mean. I've been missing those days lately.

  2. Oh do enjoy each and every min. The moments and the hours the days and the years pass much quicker with grand kids. It seems just yesterday that they were toddling around and now it's chess club, and lip gloss.

  3. OH Yes, He knows he's NUMBER ONE!!!

  4. Oh - it looks like such a good week! I have been busy VBSing and not looking at blogs.
    I hope your weekend continues the fun for you all!♥

  5. They DO grow up way too fast. Cute pics!