Thursday, February 12, 2009

The Return of Teal Lake and a Warm Snuggly Baby or Two

It's definitely one of those Winnie the Pooh days; blustery is almost an understatement. Between the melting snow and driving rain, we have collected up quite the backyard puddle. The consolation is in knowing there is now a working drain and once the present water table drops, our backyard lake will disappear.

It has been a busy kind of day, not only do I have Troy, but I also have two small grandsons. I'm back to the days of diapers and bottles. My floors are decorated with toys; cars, plastic farm animals, play dishes, and Fisher Price toys. Ben is reading a story to Troy and Lucas is asleep on my lap. Josh is taking his nap and the kitchen is waiting to be cleaned up from lunch. If I didn't have to check on the fire I'd just stay here with this warm cozy baby asleep on my lap.


  1. We had two nice days but now it's bak to being cold and wind blown.

  2. How do the kiddos get along? Josh seems to like Lucas.

  3. Hey you are loosing weight!!!!
    The kiddos look great parked on your lap. Lucas has his eyes on Josh's snack! Hugs.

  4. Losing weight? That would be nice now, wouldn't it? What I need to do is go back on that Daniel Diet.

  5. Oh what a sweet picture of you and the babies....they are sure getting big. You look warm and cozy...I would'n get up....


  6. Nice painting!
    And how nice to have two grandchildren on the lap. It must be a good place to sleep ;-)