Saturday, February 21, 2009

Babies and Such

Being a grandparent can be a busy job. Not only are there small children who need tending, but there are adult children who need assistance. Dave and Leta have had some car trouble, so on Thursday morning I picked up Dave and the baby at their house and dropped Dave off at work before returning home with the baby. (Leta was working.) Yesterday I dropped two girls (Hannah and Sara) off at church for the Junior's Winter Retreat and returned home with Lucas. Lucas was returned to Mom and Dad for the evening, aound six o'clock, and I picked up some Chinese food on the way home. This morning Bethany called. It was her turn to watch Lucas during the retreat, but she and Adam were stranded up in town with a broken down vehicle. I went up town to retrieve Beth and Josh, took them to church where we collected the baby, and then went to Wegmans because Josh was out of diapers. Lucas stayed with Aunt Bethany for the afternoon where he produced four stinky diapers while I was home in my quiet house taking a nap on the couch. Soon Bethany will arrive with the little bundle who James and I will return to his adoring parents when we go to get Hannah from church.

The other day James and I were talking and realized that if our children all had children when we did, we would have fifteen grandchildren by now! And I thought the past few days were busy!


  1. He looks like Hannah did not so long ago...

  2. Oh that's funny Martha ~~ They do keep you busy I'm sure. Now that my grandchildren are older, it's easiser to have them over and do things with them.

    The other day is was 2 hours of playing the game "Life" ~~


    Darling picture...

  3. It's busy...but it sounds so wonderful!

  4. You are very blessed Martha! SO glad you are such am involved grandparent! Good for you!