Tuesday, March 24, 2020

More Bits and Pieces

* As our daycare numbers dwindled last week, I began to come home early. Thursday evening I walked in the door to my family sitting together in the living room. There was a little gasp and Idris cried out, "It's Grammy! Now we're all here! Me and Mommy and Daddy and Grammy!" I couldn't help but smile.

* Our weather has been fickle. Friday was quite warm, so on the drive home I flipped on my air conditioning. While stopped for a traffic light I noticed an odd, burning odor. I turned the air off, opened my windows a bit, and hoped it was someone other than me.

* Other than filling my gas tank and running into the grocery store Friday evening, I stayed home. My car didn't move again until Monday morning. I started the engine and proceeded to scrape the night's accumulation of ice and frost off my windshield. In the process I noticed the car seemed to running louder than usual.

* I've been listening to my car's engine upon starting it and while idling at stops along the way. I didn't like the new sounds I was hearing. Something under the hood was amiss, but I didn't know what, so I sent a text message to my favorite mechanic. I stopped by after work to have him take a look at it. Good thing. It was something having to do with the unit that hooks into the air conditioning, a belt, and some bearings. (I can't keep it straight) All I know is it could have left me stranded and been a much more expensive job than it already is. (My feet as I sat waiting to find out what was wrong with my vehicle.)

* My boss, bless her heart, is covering for me in the kitchen tomorrow. The baby teacher will come in early, and I will stay home from work while my car is being fixed. This evening, after a cold, late afternoon walk, and no coffee, I am exhausted. I'm turning in early tonight. My eyes don't want to stay open.


  1. so glad you were able to get your car repaired. Without it things could be a whole lot worse.
    I wonder how much longer your Daycare will stay in business? So scary how things are grinding to a halt.
    Your Grandson's reaction is precious. It's got to warm you all over. These are the things we need to cling to and not to fear.
    Thinking of you and praying you stay safe and healthy.

    1. My car is still not fixed, but it will be by tomorrow afternoon.
      I talked with my boss this afternoon. There were 8 kids today.
      That grandson can be too sweet. His favorite word the past few days has been "poop.' Such a boy... Ha ha!

  2. Hi Martha. That boy is a darling, and so loves his granny! Car problems can be so difficult. My little Nissan is 20 years old and the heater no longer works. It's a very expensive repair, so we didn't get it done. We have a blanket that plugs into the lighter, and since I'm the driver and my dearest the passenger, he gets the blanket. Which is perfect, because I'm hot blooded, and he freezes.
    Think of you often, love you tons. Got the date for Don's pacemaker..March 30th..yeah!

    1. I am blessed to have a grandchild in the house. So blessed. Twenty years! That is fantastic. It would be great if my car could last so long. I can't imagine buying something else. I've never purchased a car on my own, but I am doing lots of things on y own and I'm sure I will manage when the time comes.
      Yeah for the new pacemaker!

  3. P.S. We also live in So. CA....not sure what we would do if we lived by you!!!

    1. I have a blanket in my car for extremely cold mornings, and lunch break naps.