Thursday, September 05, 2019

This Sweet Guy

He is short, dark, and handsome. This evening we went to the park together, and afterward stopped for a bite to eat. At Taco Bell. We took our bag of tacos home to eat. He bit the bottom of the taco and found himself frustrated when it no longer stayed together. "It happens," I told him. I should have bought more tacos. Two each was not enough. However, after a fruit cup of diced peaches and a whole banana, he was satisfied. We brushed our teeth, read some stories, said our prayers, and I kissed him goodnight. It was a very nice evening.


  1. It is frustrating when those darn tacos fall apart in a gazillion pieces...Love your little guy and that you had a chance for such a wonderful DATE.

    1. He had a great time running around, climbing, sliding, and imagining. He isn't too keen on swings, but he did try it once. When the little friend he met turned the water on in the spray park, he wanted to take his shoes off and play int he water, but it was a little too cool for a water park, and we hadn't packed any extra clothes.