Tuesday, July 10, 2018

A Party!

Happy Birthday, Number Four!

So, there was this party I was invited to. It was my grand- daughter on the other end of the phone about a week ago. "Hi, Grammy?" she said, "Can you come to my birthday party? It's July 8 at 2 o'clock, and it's at Grampy's house." I assured her I would be there.

Wasn't it just a few days ago that we were conniving how to keep Gramanita just a little bit longer, long enough to welcome our new grandchild? I was scrambling to gather all my family in one place before Grandma could get away and before the baby arrived to thwart the gathering. The gathering  was successful and the very next day we were blessed with our first granddaughter. It was a whirlwind of activity! We kept Gramanita long enough to have an early birthday celebration for Hannah, and the following Sunday delivered my sweet mom in law to her childhood friend in Fort Erie, Ontario who would give her a ride to the Toronto airport when it was time to go home. I miss those crazy, wonderful, days! And I miss my mom in law too. I pray I will get to feel her arms around me again one day.

So anyway, Aubrey had a wild and crazy party. There was  a homemade water slide, water balloons, a sprinkler, a pinata, snow cones, fruit, a barbecue, cake and ice cream, presents, friends, cousins, and noise. Lots of noise. The best part was that it wasn't my job to keep track of any children, make sure they behaved, tell them to be quiet (or nice), or pick up after them. Yeah, being a grandma is a pretty good deal!.