Thursday, July 19, 2018

Here I Am

It's hard to believe tomorrow is Friday already. It seems like yesterday was Sunday and my sister Priscilla, our friend Laura, and I were braving the heat and sunshine at the Corn Hill Festival in Rochester. Only Laura went home with a purchased treasure. I ate what little I bought, African Chicken and Rice, and a Sweet Potato Pie. It was exceptionally hot and my attire was not favorable as far as keeping me cool. In spite of my being overdressed, I did come home with a few nice photographs and a smile on my face.

This week had been entirely emotional, and those emotions have run the gamut from one end to the other. Did you know that change and growth can be painful? It can be, but in the midst of the pain is a sense of peace also. I can't explain other than to say, I know God is near in all of this. I am growing and I am changing as I learn. I could wish I'd known some of these things years ago, but God's timing is not like mine. He is the master and knows precisely when to add new ingredients to this project called "me." Even in times of sorrow there is peace and joy.

My sweet daughter turned 23 yesterday, and she was smiling. Her handsome husband took the day off to bless her, and they returned home in the evening with a peanut butter pie. (I have no photo of Hannah's pie, so you get my festival meal instead.) She is a peanut butter girl. I'd met up with my son Joe a little earlier and we were sharing a sub on the back porch when the peanut butter pie arrived. I had a small taste last night and a slightly bigger taste this evening. It is quite yummy in a peanut buttery kind of way.

The old water tank across the way continues to be dismantled a piece at a time. I'm capturing pictures as it disappears, finding myself fascinated and a wee bit nostalgic at the same time. I have at times been entirely too sentimental about inanimate objects and I am working on admitting it, and letting go. There is improvement in this area. (I think I hear GMJ cheering...)


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    1. I was melting. No need for those portable potties when one is so hot and sweaty...

  2. The Canandaigua art festival is going on. I can hear the music from it at this very moment.

    1. I am too tired tonight to even consider another art festival... maybe.