Sunday, July 01, 2018

No Barns Today

It's summer! It's hot! Texas has nothing on us this weekend.

I was blessed with a small bouquet of flowers on Friday, a gift from a small blue eyed child. It was his last day at daycare. I will miss his sweet smile and the little arms that so often have wrapped themselves about my neck. This is perhaps the hardest goodbye yet. Part of the job is loving these little ones well, attaching because it makes us love them more, and then letting go, because they aren't ours to keep. It is an exercise.

Yesterday morning I went out to do some shopping. I wandered through Hobby Lobby, hung out at Barnes and Noble, perused Target, and rambled about Lowes. I enjoyed free air conditioning, picked up a few small items, and soaked in the heat when returning to my car. Finally, I took a walk through Wegmans, gathered a few groceries, and took them home. I was nearly home when my sister called and invited me over to swim. Nice.

My sister's pool is calling again. Just gotta grab my Tangerine Orange Sparkling Water and go.

Say cool and hydrated!


  1. We went to Ovid yesterday in this heat. We had family in town from Maryland.