Sunday, March 04, 2018

The Barn Collective

Another barn from last week's drive home from church. It's looking a little haggard in some spots...

I wish my memory could take me back to childhood so I could look again at this barn my father drove past so many times. Surely there were cows grazing, and maybe a horse or two munching a bit of grass. Maybe there were even children playing tag in the yard, but I can't remember now. Funny how time stands still in some areas of the mind, and in other areas going backward is nigh unto impossible.

Up the road a piece from this barn, was a fancy white house with a creek meandering along the edge of the property,  the creek eventually running under the road and off into the woods on the other side. That house and property I can pull up in my 50 year old memory bank, probably because of the stop sign at the corner, and the ducks that were always sitting in the water. That place isn't the same anymore either... Time just keeps marching on, weathering us and leaving us (sometimes) beautifully haggard.

Put your boots on and come on over to the Barn Collective.


  1. Beautiful!
    Have a great day!

  2. ...the tile silo is a classic that we see rarely today. It may be haggard, but it's a beauty. Often I wish that I had a 50 year old memory! Have a special week and take care.

  3. Those memories are wonderful and yes, we do lose a lot but how thankful we have what we have.

  4. Martha, your gift of painting pictures with words is so beyond touching, and exquisite. Love you.

    1. I love you too, Wanda. You're my favorite!

  5. This barn looks like a classic.

  6. It's beautiful and has alot of character.

  7. What a fantastic memory...and fantastic big old barn! Awesome post.