Saturday, March 10, 2018


I spent some time at the pottery studio today. Although I didn't feel terribly successful, I did not slump all of my bowls today, just one of them. I'm feeling more comfortable and less out of place there. Not everyone is a stranger anymore and I know better what I am doing and how to get it done.

Jeff was at the studio with a plethora of pots in various stages of development. I shared a shelf with him back in the fall when we both took the Introductory II class. Our shelf was a bit crowded as he is quite prolific when it comes to pottery. Now we both rent shelves instead. 

I came home from the studio (and went to the store) with mud on my knees. That's part of the uniform when playing with clay. Kind of like baby spit up comes with working at a daycare center. I wear both proudly, and with a smile.