Friday, March 02, 2018

Oh, Fickle Month of March

March is fickle. There was no snow on the ground yesterday. In fact it was sixty degrees earlier this week. I left my pottery class early last night (I'd run out of things to work on) and drove home in a drizzle of rain. It wasn't long after my return that the wind picked up. I heard the house squeak as the wind whipped around it, and I drifted off to sleep.

Sergio asked me early if I wanted him to clear out the driveway. "It looks really bad out there," he said. But I told him I'd see how it went... Ha ha! There was a foot or two of heavy wet snow in the driveway. Once I'd conceded defeat, we worked on clearing a path to the road together. It took both of us to break through the barrier the snowplow had created at the bottom of the driveway.

I must not have left too much later than normal. The roads were slushy and slick, and the drive was slow. Thankfully, the back roads I travel weren't too busy. We all took it slow this morning, everyone out driving, that is. I arrived at work late, but only by about ten minutes "Tot Spot time."

On my lunch hour I went for a ride and took a few pictures. I didn't travel far, just down the road and across the canal.

Maybe I should have used the time to build a snowman or two on the daycare sidewalk... Ha ha! (They would probably have me committed.)


  1. ...spring is always a tug-a-war between winter and summer.

    1. And March is where it begins in earnest. Here we go!