Monday, April 17, 2017

Home Today

No family Easter photos here today. I went to church and then to work. The weather was perfect and I did take my friend outside in the courtyard when the activities director was doing an activity. She'd said she didn't want to but as soon as we were out she decided it was wonderful. And it was. The rest of the day we spent inside, with her mostly in bed or at least wanting to be.

The sun was bright this morning, but has since gone into hiding and a rather cool breeze has closed in on us. I could be disappointed, but I'm choosing to attempt being productive inside instead. I had breakfast with Wanda, or at least I imagined to. Cranberry orange mini scones and coffee. She probably wasn't actually on the other side of the computer, but it was fun to think she might be. I'm sure somebody was out there drinking their coffee and eating something yummy.

What did you have for breakfast?


  1. Bummer...Martha..I wasn't...but I totally enjoyed them when I did come on. Running errands. My dearest has been asked to officiate a friends funeral this weekend up planning a quick weekend trip. Sadness fills my heart as we have lost two dear ones within the past several weeks.
    Sending hugs. Love your new wallpaper. Lovely.

    1. Scones always have me imagining coffee with you. I am sorry for your sadness. Seems the world is full of tears. Makes me all the more grateful for that resurrection day.
      Hugs and love to you too. And thanks.