Wednesday, April 26, 2017

And Here I Sit

I am at work. My friend is tucked into bed for the next couple of hours. Last night I morphed into her husband and in her irritation, she asked if I wanted a divorce. (Oh, my...) Today I was her mother. Life is interesting in the memory care unit.

I brought my computer to work on Saturday and looked around online at jobs. I have an interview tomorrow. If it works out, I could be working closer to home and have more suitable hours. Not sure if I should hold my breath or not. I'll give more details if it all pans out.

Naughty Too saw me outside with my camera on Monday afternoon and came running home from out by the orchard. Cats are funny creatures; fiercely independent yet needy at the same time. Maybe that's why I like them.


  1. "Fiercely independent yet needy at the same time" – what an accurate description of cats, including the one currently sitting contentedly on my lap.