Sunday, April 30, 2017

With Love From Minnesota

I hope going to daycare is as amusing for me as it's been for my grandson and his mommy and daddy. I've been enjoying my son's posts about their adventures.

Jim-  It's 10:00 on a Saturday and I've already had two breakfasts and taken a walk to the grocery store... 

SOMEONE decided to be all ready to go to school at 6:30.
Jim- So far today in adventures in dadhood:
5:58 am - "Daddeee!!! DADDEEEE!!!" I run downstairs. "I can't wipe my nose." Tissues are right next to his bed.
6:28 am - Austin sets off the burglar alarm by opening the back door. It is raining, he's in his underwear, and I yelled at him for it yesterday, but he is undeterred.
So turns out he opened the front door into the porch instead of the back door. Slightly less transgressive, but still sent me flying out of my bed and fielding a call from ADT
Jim- This morning Austin brought his new umbrella outside, excited to use it in the drippy snow/rain! He got less excited when he discovered this would make his new umbrella all wet, and decided to leave it inside.

Jim Yesterday I was considering making Fridays "Let Austin Wear Whatever He Wants" day. Reconsidering that idea today...
Unfortunately he forfeited the Chase costume because he got back in his jammies. He went to school in regular clothes wah wah...

Michele- Aw man! That would have been an awesome surprise when I picked him up! Lol

I hope these stories continue. They make me feel just a little closer to my faraway son and his family, and they make me smile.

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