Friday, April 14, 2017

Bits and Pieces

1-2-3! Gone just like that! Tomorrow I go back to work but I had three very nice days off.

- I've finally been doing some walking!!! My Fitbit tells me I've walked over 10,000 steps three times in the last week. If I keep it up, maybe by August I'll be ready to climb another mountain.

- Yesterday I had lunch with a friend. It's become a weekly thing. Sometimes the trials of life bring people together in ways we never would have expected. Our boys are friends and have had some similar struggles. It's been an unexpected but lovely friendship.

- My favorite little ice cream shop opened this month and today Rachel and I stopped to visit Yia Yia's on our way to visit Tim. "Two baby sized twists, please." We made it our lunch and so it's all okay.

- I now have 10 chickens. One rooster and nine hens. Two of them sleep outside the coop. It must be a pecking order kind of thing. Either that or it's a conspiracy to knock the un-wanteds off one or two at a time. It's been a year and I've only lost two so far and we still have more eggs that we can eat by ourselves.

- The weather has been perfect! I am blessed to have spent a little time outside even if I didn't go on any grand photo excursions. Maybe I can squeeze one of those in next week... maybe.

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