Wednesday, October 05, 2016

Planning an Adventure

I spent the last two gorgeous sunny days sitting inside with my friend at work. Tomorrow is forecast to be an equally beautiful day. I'm planning an adventure with my trio of grandchildren; an outing to feed the birds. I'm hoping at least one of them will be patient enough to entice a chickadee to eat out of his/her hand.

Wish me luck tomorrow, because unless I find an available friend, it's looking like I'll be at it alone. If all else fails we'll have a nice walk in the woods and maybe we'll discover where the wood fairies live. Could be an interesting day...


  1. Sounds like a trip I'd like to take with you. Love the photo's.

    1. You would love it, Wanda! Plan to come in the fall. That's when the birds are hungry and the trails are clear.