Tuesday, October 04, 2016

A Battle Lost

It's one of those sad kind of weeks. There will be two funerals, one for our friend Doug and one for the 21 year old daughter of a friend and former church member. DeAnna was in the teen group at church with my two youngest children. Heroin stole her away much too young.

It's been a years long fight for this young woman, and not a secret struggle. She'd been to rehab, had long stints of being clean, and relapses. She'd made at least two narrow escapes. In the end the monster of drug addiction won the battle for her life. She wasn't any older than Hannah.

Please pray for the family left behind, her parents and an older sister. I can only imagine the ache inside.


  1. Addiction is so sad...sorry to hear of your loss. My buddy, Tony lost his battle with cancer this week, all my memories will help to keep me going.

    1. Where would we be without faith and memories?
      I am sorry for your loss too.

  2. Michael was shocked to hear of Deanna's death. He knew her from school and said he would never have suspected it with her. He said it was "an eye opener". So sad for her family.