Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Almost Arrested

It's already been a long week, even though it's only Wednesday night. Some weeks are like that.Maybe it's the coldness, I don't know.

My Minnesota son called me a little over a week ago to let me know he and his wife were "out of the country..." (He thought maybe I should know.) I was thinking Canada, but it turns out they were in Tijuana, Mexico. (Fancy that!) The little guy, known here as grandchild Number 6, stayed with his Minnesota Grandma and Grandpa. On Saturday they went to the airport to pick up the travelers and that's when it happened.

Jim called this past Sunday evening, from Minnesota, to let us know he and Michele were safe at home, and that Austin almost got arrested at the airport. He's three and when one is three, and his mommy has been gone for an entire week, the sight of her can make one lose all control.

So anyway, the little guy spotted his mom and dad coming and took off running, right through the security doors, and into his mother's arms. They didn't have a chance to stop him. Thankfully, the folks in the airport were lenient.