Friday, December 27, 2013

Practically Perfect

I have come to the conclusion that my practical side has a really difficult time dealing with my inner perfectionist. Perhaps 2014 will be the year they learn to cooperate. In the meantime I've decided that rather than being "Perfectly Practical", I'll settle for being "Practically Perfect".

My oldest son, his beautiful wife, and my sweet little grandson arrived late last night (actually early this morning) and my mom in law will arrive late tonight (actually, early tomorrow morning... the flight has been delayed). The tough thing about traveling is the fatigue that sets in afterward. We had some sleepy people here this afternoon.

 I think, perhaps, if we can get some sleep tonight, we might actually be ready for tomorrow night's Late Christmas/ Pre-New Year's/ Early Birthday Party. We're rolling it all up into one so as not to miss anything. (I think we'll probably all sleep until dinner time Sunday.)

(Yes, I'm already tired. Is it showing? Ha ha!)


  1. Martha, I think he looks like you. Same cute nose.
    Jill just sent me new pictures of Tristan, and my heart is melting. Posting some pictures soon. Funny, Jill was not blog friendly before she doesn't care if I post is picture. Love it.

    1. We think he looks like Michele, but there have to be bits and pieces of us in there too. No matter who he looks like, he's a cutie.