Sunday, December 08, 2013

Little Bits of Nothing

1. I did not succeed in changing my grocery shopping day. I did try, but weekday life interrupted my plan. Instead I determined to leave the house earlier than usual on Saturday morning and hope to beat the holiday madness. I consider the effort a success.

2. Pumpkin Pie should not be a soda flavor. It is just wrong. Pumpkin is intended to flavor yummy desserts and fall soups. It does not belong in a bottle of fizz. If you want to be different, stick to something like sarsaparilla.

3. Churches and other "public" places should not have lids on their restroom commodes. No one entering a stall in a public facility is prepared to lift the lid, and sitting down on a toilet lid is just plain disturbing.

4. Wegmans carries all kinds of goodies one might otherwise have to travel in order to acquire. Although the convenience is appreciated, driving across the boarder into Canada would make the acquisition more of an adventure. In spite of the lack of excitement in the location I did find the reward satisfying.

5. Sometimes mice will clean your kitchen while you are away at church on Sunday morning. All my dishes were washed and stacked neatly in the dish drainer when I came home today. (Thanks, Ben,)


  1. Your little bits of nothing ~ are really something! No I wouldn't drink pumpkin in a bottle with fizz. Neither do I like pumpkin or gingerbread latte. I like mine in a crust with lots of whipped cream. Send that mouse to my house!

    1. I'm sorry, Wanda, this mouse doesn't travel. ;)

  2. Who bought that pumpkin pie soda?
    You sat on the toilet lid at church? Lol!
    How nice of Ben. :)

    1. Leta bought it, and then she gave it to us to try.
      Not this time...
      And yes, it was very nice.

  3. some ya win some ya lose.. and some are just plain prodicalish
    I'd wink but it's broke I think.
    I'm listening to Garth Brooks, I'm much to young to feel this damn old."