Friday, December 06, 2013

More Chillens

By the end of August I was fairly certain I was losing my mind. I scaled my childcare duties back to the bare minimum; one small girl 4 days each week, and  two others to put on and off the school bus here and there. The reduction in outside responsibilities has given me a renewed ability to be here for my own grandchildren without feeling like I might need to hide under the bed or in the closet. I've actually been enjoying my five in-the-area grandkids and I can't wait until my little out-of-state grandson comes to visit too!

Yesterday morning brought four children, the bus brought another late in the afternoon, and two others showed up for dinner. (We even kept one overnight!) My house may never be clean, there may always be dishes in the sink, and there may always be fighting and tears, but there will always be laughter too. (Remind me of this in another couple weeks, please...) They really stay small for such a very short time.

Jakie always makes me smile. I love his little tiny bit of hair, his impish grin, and the way he shows affection. He has a good pitching arm already and is fast, fast! There's no time to duck when he throws something. (That green blur is a Beanie Bay dinosaur he lobbed at Josh.)

They all make me smile for different reasons. There is something truly wonderful about grandchildren. I'm so glad God saw fit to bless me with them. "Wing me woun, Hannie! Wing me weewie wass!" And so Aunt Hannie spun around, really fast.


  1. They are cute! You just have to balance the crazies with least that's my survival technique. :)