Thursday, December 12, 2013

3X Thursday

Hi! I'm hanging out over at Kristina's place. You coming too?

By the way...

1. Do you like snow for Christmas?
2. Do you find yourself clever?
3. Which do you prefer, gloves or mittens?


  1. 1. It just isn't Christmas without the snow.
    2. Only occasionally.
    3. Mittens are my best friends.

  2. 1. We live in Texas...I would like snow for Christmas, but I think the ice storm we had last week was more than enough for this city to take for awhile.
    2. Clever? Probably not...creative? Yes Overly funny?...only to myself ;-)
    3. Gloves. I can't do anything constructive in mittens. Although the kiddo got some half finger gloves that have mitten covers that are kinda cool.

    1. My fingers need each other for warmth. They get achy in gloves. And, I think you are right, the ice storm was probably more than enough excitement for a while.

  3. 1. It doesn't feel like Christmas without snow. I can't get into the spirit to even decorate until the first snow. 2. Clever not at all. 3. Soft cuddly gloves - I have a pair of those half finger gloves with mitten covers and they are cold.

  4. 1. Have never had a white Christmas. Dang that California weather.
    2. At times...
    3. Gloves with the fingers cut off.

  5. 1. Yes, I would love a white Christmas.
    2. No
    3. Mittens