Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Horse Cookies

A few little cookies we decorated. (See? I can have fun. And there were Christmas carols too.) Hannah gave the horses manes and tails, and then she put a halter on them because she knows how to do that. :0)

I think the next batch will be all horses and no stars or snowmen. (okay, maybe just one or two trees... Maybe we can make some darker colors and turn a few horses into Appaloosas and painted ponies. Maybe we can decorate their halters with red and green and give them blazin' saddles...

Oh the possibilities!


  1. What flavour is the icing?
    Looks like right?
    They look delightful and delicious!
    Must get showered....Miss V to be picked up♥
    Will certainly have a fun day here!
    Enjoy yours, Martha!

    Linda :o)

    1. The icing is just vanilla Royal icing, but maple would be yummy. Maybe if I get good at this I'll try some different flavored icings.

      We grandkids and Rocky today so the living room looks like a few tornadoes blew through.