Thursday, February 13, 2020

Bits and Pieces

I'm still here. It's been a busy week.

* I met Dave, Leta, and the kids (my Trio) at The Strong Museum of Play on Saturday morning. It was a short visit, but oh, so nice. I would like very much to go back for a longer visit sometime soon.

* Sunday afternoon I went to lunch at my friend Becky's house. My friend Sandy was there too. A long overdue gathering of friends.

* Before leaving Williamson I stopped to see my friend Tahnya's new house. She is a work friend turned stay at home mom. Her little one is a beautiful one year old now and so cute.

* Sunday evening Joe and Ben came for pizza and a movie. I so love having my kids around. I don't know if I will ever have them all in one place again, but I love every moment I have with each and every one.

* Monday I had my taxes done. It took all of fifteen minutes.

* I was supposed to work late on Tuesday, but that didn't happen. Perhaps it was because the Lord knew I needed to go home. It was that night I went out and got myself a burrito from Moe's. Hardly remember the last time I was there.

* Wednesday night (last night) I went to visit Nate, Sabrina, and the boys. It was a sweet evening. The kids were excited for my visit even though Spencer was feeling a bit under the weather.

* Tonight I stayed late after work to renew my CPR/First Aid certificate with a few co-workers. It was so much easier this time than 2 years ago. I wasn't as nervous and found I retained much more of the information than I had imagined.

* After I got home tonight, I made Valentines for the work babies. Nothing like waiting until the last minute!

* Tomorrow, if the weather cooperates, I will go to my pottery class.

Busy week.


  1. I simply love your busy week!!
    Family and friends, fun and joy...
    Happy Valentines Day...get some LOVE from those Work Babies and happy Mudding tonight.

    1. It turned into a very nice day. I ate too many donuts at work. But the pottery class was the icing on the cake. It rounded out the evening quite nicely.