Wednesday, October 09, 2019

Time Flies

The week is flying by! The alarm goes off each morning in what feels and appears to be "the dead of night." It was so dark the other day when we set out the door for work that I looked at Sergio and said, "It's really dark out here. Are you sure it's time to go to work?" It will be slightly lighter when the clocks are turned back, but that means our shrinking evening sunlight will be even shorter. (I'm not quite ready for winter...)

I haven't been to the Pottery Studio in almost two weeks. Just not feeling it right now. I'm not sure what to make of it, so I'm giving myself some time to decide what to do. If I give up the shelf I'm renting I could save myself some money, and maybe put it toward another class, or my roof loan... but I'm not quite ready to turn in my key just yet.

 Each week I am thankful for the little ones who fill my days with smiles. This morning a little voice called out a morning greeting from the hallway. It was my little friend Derek stopping by the kitchen door to say hello. He very often says "Hi Martha" in his very own Derek way, which I cannot duplicate. It doesn't sound like my name, not yet, but it's getting closer all the time. It's so fun to see them grow and learn. I can't believe how smart all last year's babies are getting!


  1. I would hate to see you give up your creative pleasure of throwing mud. You are so good at it and it must be like therapy to you. I adore that little shelf sitter in your photo.
    Maybe just a rest is in order.
    Gather more hugs and hellos from all those "littles" you are around each day...they are good for the soul too.

    1. I must find an exit route for the many pieces I have collected these past couple years. Of course some pieces have gone to friends and family, the little guy in my post now lives with my son in Minnesota, but I have a cabinet full of "things" I know not what to do with. I think I need to have a sale...