Wednesday, August 02, 2017

What's Happenin', Man?

It's been a busy week full of appointments, meetings, and classes. I missed my alarm this morning, or forgot to turn it on last night. Thankfully I woke up with plenty of time to get where I needed to be. I simply went through my morning routine backward so as not to be in the bathroom when other household members would be needing it. I made my bed, the coffee, and put my lunch together first, and then took my shower. Tonight I'm making sure the alarm is turned on.

It's been a very sleepy week. The humidity doesn't seem to be any higher so I'm thinking it's probably something in the air. Maybe a new pollen has emerged sending us all into a seasonal stupor. If I am honest, I probably don't get the sleep I really need. A result of midlife tossing and turning perhaps.

Our pottery class is down to firing and finishing. I did a little of that Tuesday night but will head back to the studio tomorrow evening for a little more. My burlap box must have been in the kiln because I didn't see it on any of the shelves. I'm kind of excited about that piece. It's been a fun class, one I'd like to try again sometime. In September I'm going for another wheel thrown class, Introductory II. I'm kind of excited about this one too. Perhaps I should clear a spot in the attic to store all those beautiful works of art. ha ha!

I got my hair cut this afternoon. My friend Karen in the Hair Room does a wonderful job!


  1. This creativity is a great outlet for you. They look very cool. I'm glad you are taking care of yourself.

    1. It's been fun. I'm sad it's almost over. But, I did sign up for the wheel thrown class that starts in late September.