Sunday, August 06, 2017


The Cabinet maker and I took a ride down to the park in Pultneyville . I had my camera and wanted to see what the wild winds and high water levels had done to the place I spent so many summer evenings with my oldest four when they were little people.

The park is quiet these days, not near as many people, but there were a few. A pair of children enjoyed the spray of the waves as their parents watched and a few straggling couples walked the grounds.

The waves were unpredictable, pounding the shore, tossing spray into the air, and receding only to return with a vengeance. I squatted down to take picture when God saw fit to send a bigger than average swell that rose up, slammed the rocks in front of me, and shower me with lake water. All I could do was hold my camera as far from the water as possible and duck. Ha ha! As cold as it was there was something exhilarating about it too. For once this week I forgot about being sleepy.

Our lake rock beach is gone for the time being, but something tells me it's attempting a comeback. The lake has churned up those round stones for centuries and if you listen closely, what sounds like the wind is actually lake rocks tumbling in the water.

Years ago, on a day similar to this, I let my children play in the churning surf. It was a different beach back then without the boulders brought in to protect the shoreline. They went home soaked to the skin and smiling. Sometimes letting children do what comes natural is the best decision. It's a memory that lives on today and it's been almost 30 years.

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