Sunday, August 06, 2017


This goes along with last night's post...

After skipping along the shore at B Foreman Park and getting soaked by a monster wave, we headed east toward Sodus Point to see what was happening down at the pier. We found more wildness. Same lake, same crazy waves, with an added twist. Sand.

I saw it before I got out of the van, but didn't fully comprehend what I was seeing. The air looked cloudy, almost like it was full of smoke or fog. But it was neither of those, it was instead little grains of beach. I stepped out of the vehicle and into a giant sandblaster.

You wouldn't have thought it painful to be standing out there, at least not by the number of people dotting the beach and shoreline, but the wind whipped sand was nearly impossible to escape unless you took shelter behind a car. Yet there they were sitting out in the open, many sporting cameras, enjoying the pure exhilaration of a Great Lakes sand storm.

James, who carried no camera, retreated to the safety of our vehicle, leaving me to brave the tempest. I couldn't resist. It was all so wonderful!  Now I was not only wet from God's sprinkler system, I was being exfoliated as well! Like a free trip to an exotic spa. ha ha! By the time I made my way back home there was grit stuck around my eyes and settled into my ears. My hair was full of sand and a pre-bedtime shower was inevitable.

I have to say it was worth every second. I came away with a few decent pictures and I'm sure I wasn't the only one.


  1. WOW...what an experience. Put that one in the memory book. Great pictures too.

  2. The other Lake was just as wild!
    Linda :o)